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H.R.M Oba Alase Ere Oduduwa 
Crowned by His Imperial Majesty Ooni of Ife - February 2022
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His Spiritual Highness Oba Tayese Odun Obatala (HSH Oba Tayese Obatala Agbaye, Ile Ife) is the Oba (King) of Peace & Correction worldwide, in the name of Obatala and recently crowned Oba Alase Ere Oduduwa by His Imperial Majesty the Ooni of Ile Ife. Born in Miami, FL to Babalawo and priest of Osun, Olomide Ogunlano and the late great jazz singing Queen and priestess of Yemonja, Yeye Omialadora Ajamu, Oba Tayese is apart of the 2nd generation of Yoruba priests whose family has traced their lineage, customs and traditions back to south-western Nigeria. The eighth born to nine children, Oba was born into a large family of spiritual priests, musicians and performers. The Oba's parents were influential in the Yoruba cultural and restoration movement of the 70's, which, along with world-renowned priest Chief Adenibi Ajamu (who so happens to be HSH' uncle), helped to establish Oyotunji African Village in Beaufort, SC; the only recognized African village in the US, sovereign to the US.


At the tender age of 8 years old, Oba Tayese was initiated into the mysteries of Obatala at Ilesa Ire Yoruba temple by his Godmother Oyabi Wangara and Godfather Odedeji; his Oriste was Baba SangoDeji Alafia. Given the name 'Odun Obatala', loosely translated as the return of Obatala in the flesh. At the age of 13 he was initiated into Egbe Egungun also that same year he completed his Right of passage for the Men’s Society and joined Egbe Akinkanju in Oyotunji African Village. His parents felt that it was time for him to further his studies in the Ifa Yoruba tradition and sent him to live with his Uncle Chief Adenibi Ajamu In Oyotunji. There is where Oba’s knowledge was enhanced in the tradition. With over nearly 25 years of extensive priesthood training, he is honored to follow in the footsteps of his parents and Uncle, The Oba continues the family tradition spreading Yoruba culture to its descendants in the diaspora.

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