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  World renowned Founder, CEO and Artistic Director of Ogunlano Records ,M.O.W.A  multiple performing African arts organizations and OrisaBeat Music company,Oba Ogunlano is an accomplished drummer, vocalist, & Fashion Designer who has managed to reach heights that many performers aspire to today.


     With his many successes which include, but are not limited to,television and movie special appearances (The Originals, Constantine, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, HBO: Bessie Smith,Nat Turner ),Choreography Director for The Underground Railroad streaming on Starz&Amazon Prime Oba has studied, performed and toured internationally. With the integration of African culture education, alongside musical performances, dance, choreography, story-telling and costume designs, Oba has earned the reputation of delivering nothing short of the most electrifying performances, residency programs, African Drum & Dance clinics and workshops. In addition to  Ogunlano’s Fashions , the Online boutique and clothing line curated by Oba Ogunlano which is inspired by his own personal style of African Attire. 


    Much of his mission is to preserve and spread African culture and traditions that inspire future generations of performing artists within the field of African drum & dance arts. Focusing on arts education and developing integrated learning opportunities for teachers and students, Oba provides professional instruction and artistic support to numerous schools, arts organizations, and dance artists in the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands.


     Set to Release his Subsequent Project after the great success of His Debut Album ‘Destiny Is King’ ,Oba is dedicated to bringing Music and Culture to the World through his Artistry. The release of Destiny is King has already expanded Oba’s reach from the USA to Africa to the UK , boasting well  over 50,000 followers on his Social Media Platforms combined. 


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